AeroMoov GRB Blossom

Seat cover for any type of stroller with 3D honeycomb structure. Helps to prevent baby from perspiring in the stroller.

The AeroMoov anti-transpiration layer fits any infant car seat and provides a pleasant sitting environment in any season.

  • In the summer, the 3D honeycomb structure prevents the baby from perspiring in the car seat. Excessive body heat is evacuated through the honeycomb structure, and fresh ambient air from the surroundings is supplied.
  • In winter, the car seat immediately feels pleasantly warm.The same principle as for summer applies with the 3D-structure but since its cold outside the air circulation will insted warm up the air quicker. 
  • Due to the extra protection offered by the anti-transpiration layer, the car seat remains as new for a longer period of time.


Available colours
Sand, Dark Grey , Mint, Flamingo, Bananas, Ice Cream and this year's limited edition. 

Length 77 cm
Width 30 cm






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