AeroMoov PopUp Travel Cot Giraph Sky

Best in Test 2020. Instant travel cot that you can pack up in seconds.

The website www.bä has awared AeroMoov PopUp Instant Travel Cot Best in Test 2020. 

You can set up and pack up the AeroMoov instant travel cot in seconds! This lightweight, compact travel cot is easy to take with you wherever you go and meets the strictest safety standards.

  • Setting up and dismantling in just 2 seconds
  • Lightweight, weighs under 5kg
  • Compact
  • 2 levels, with bassinet
  • Use it everywhere
  • High quality mattress

The AeroMoov Instant travel cot weighs less than 5 kg! No more lugging around a heavy travel cot, even the big brother or sister can easily carry the travel cot.

The Instant travel cot carrying bag is elegant and sleek. It allows you to store the travel cot in the smallest space. Next to the wardrobe, under the stairs or wherever you have some space!

Staying over at grandma or grandad, visiting friends, on the beach or simply at home in the garden: you can take the travel cot everywhere you go for those necessary naps. And you don't have to lose sight of your child thanks to the see-through sides.

2 levels for babies and toddlers
An intermediate level has been provided for babies so you don't have to stretch too far to pick up your baby. When children can sit up straight the time has come to make the switch to the lowest level! In this way your child always sleeps and plays in the safest way possible. The mattress is easy to adjust. There are also 2 foot rests to save mummy and daddy's backs.

High-quality total package for the best sleep and play comfort!
The high-quality PU foam mattress is 3 cm thick and offers optimum back support. The Instant travel cot complies with the strictest safety standards EN716-1-2008 and A1-2013


Instant Travel Cot - Playtime Bassinet Stability Test:


Instant Travel Cot - Playtime Stability Test:

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Instant Travel Cot - Playtime Child's Play Manual:



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