SafeSleep 3D Protector Bed

From newborn to junior, mattress cover in several sizes

The mattress protector for bed is equipped with a 3D honeycomb structure so your baby can breathe safely, even when lying on its tummy.

In addition to the air permeability of the 3D honeycomb structure, the absorption layer absorbs any fluids and the watertight layer protects the mattress. Safe, hygienic and practical!

The mattress protector is machine-washable at 60°C. Available in different sizes for cots, beds and prams.

A sheet that is too heavy or too thick can impair air circulation. Therefore, we recommend that you also use the AeroSleeps sheet.

Available sizes for bed: 

  • 60 x 110 cm (Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot) 
  • 60 x 120 cm
  • 70 x 140 cm 
  • 70 x 160 cm 
  • 90 x 200 cm



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