Q&A for our Explore Baby Carriers

September 12, 2018

We welcome Explore, our new Baby Carrier to the Tula family. Here we have gathered Q&A's about the new carrier.

What is Tula Explore? 
The Explore Baby Carrier offers multiple positions to carry baby including front carry facing out, front carry facing in, and back carry (facing in). Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby.

When can I carry my baby in the front carry facing out position?
The Tula Explore Baby Carrier allows you to front carry your baby in the facing out position when your baby is between 13-22 lb, has head and neck control, and is tall enough to have their face fully clear the top of the body panel while being seated in the carrier. It is important to watch your baby’s cues when using the facing out position. Your child should not sleep in this position. If your child falls asleep in the facing out position, be sure to position them back to facing in or take them out of the carrier.


Is forward facing an ergonomic position for baby to be carried?
Yes, we have responsibly designed a deep seated facing out carry position that supports a baby’s natural curved spine and spread squat position. This innovative design allows baby to be placed in a more seated position rather than dangling.

What is the Explore Baby Carrier made of? What are the buttons made of? 
Our Explore Baby Carriers are responsibly designed and made with care from soft and breathable 100% cotton that's easy to clean and machine washable. Buttons are a durable, non-coated 100% polyester plastic.

More questions? Send us an email at info@reirei.se or visit:   https://babytula.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360001326453-Explore-Baby-Carrier. There you can find more Q&A´s on both Explore and Tula's other carriers. 

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