The carrier that is stored in it's own bag

January 7, 2021

Tula has got a brand new carrier, Lite!

Tula Lite is a practical carrier to bring with you on all your adventures. When not used it can be stored in it's own bag - you can of course use the waist bag as it is to store all our belongings. 

But what is the weight limitis and in what positions can you carry? Let's take a look!  

Tula Lite fits between 5,4-13,6 kg and you can carry your little one both on your stomach and back facing towards you. The width of the seat is non-adjustable hence the start weight is 5,4 kg. 

Compared to Tula's other models, Lite is made in a thin nylon ripstop fabric that is quick drying and without bulk. 

So, to whom is Lite for? 
Lite is perfect for you that are looking for a second carrier, or a carrier that packs easily will appreciate how the Tula Lite can conveniently be carried even when not in use. The Tula Lite Carrier’s roomy hip pouch, still accessible when the carrier is stored, provides added convenience while you travel light with your baby in tow

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