YOYO skis

Slide easier with YOYO on the snow

BABYZEN invents YOYO skis to adapt exclusively to all YOYO strollers. YOYO skis clip on the front wheels in an instant to slide even more easily on the snow. This new accessory turns YOYO into a stroller ready to face any weather!

YOYO skis clip in an instant on the front wheels and allow YOYO to slide easily and safely on the snow

  • The stroller frame fold and unfold with the skis in place
  • Ultra resistant polyamide material
  • Available in black
  • Compatible with all YOYO generations
  • Compatible with every YOYO setups, except for YOYO connect
  • For optimal product durability, wash with clear water after use
  • Come with its protective bag
  • Do not use the skis on any other surface than snow
  • This product is not intended for skiing or snowboarding with the stroller
  • Dimensions : 42.4 x10 x 6.4 cm (16.5 x 3.9 x 2.4 in)
  • Weight : 495 g (1 lbs)


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