Which carrier should I choose?

January 13, 2020

It’s easy to feel a bit lost in the jungle of carriers with endless configurations and wraps with miles long fabric. With the huge range of products and models offered today it can be tricky to know which carrier or wrap that actually suits you the best. 

We don’t claim to be experts of every carrier or wrap, but we can help you along the way and walk you through our models - similarities och differences. So tag along and we will try our best to make you less confused and a little more of a carry expert. 

Today we have five different models of carriers and one wrap and let us take a look at the different models, when they were launched and what separates them. Are you in a rush? At the bottom of this page you will find a diagram we created to give you a quick overview. 



It all started back in 2003 (17 years ago!) with Ergobaby’s first model, Original. With Original you can front-, back- and hip carry from ca 5,5 kg up to 20 kg, or directly from day one with a separate newborn insert. 

Did you know? 

  • Some people experience Original to be a little bigger than our other models and that is true to some extent since the panel is plain and therefore slightly bigger (compare with the model 360).
  • On some of the older packages it says that the carrier has a maximum weight of 15 kg. This is from the previous test and since then our carriers have been tested once again for up to 20 kg. So 20 kg applies even if you get a packaging saying 15 kg. 



We now take a big leap to the year 2014. This year Ergobaby launch their first carrier where you can  carry you child forward facing called 360. Just as the model Original you can carry from ca 5,5 kg up to 20 kg or from newborn with a separate newborn insert. The biggest change is that you can let your baby sit in a forward facing position from 5-6 month. 

Did you know? 

  • When 360 was launched some people were upset and thought it was wrong to carry your child forward facing. Six years later it’s something most parents request in a carrier and our model OMNI 360 (360’s successor) is our bestseller.
  • 360 has had alterations done during the years. The old model has a waist belt with velcro which now has changed to a buckle with extra lumbar support.



Let’s leave the carriers for a brief moment and move to the following year, 2015, and the launch of Ergobaby’s wrap Aura. Aura is a cosy wrap in a soft and lightweight fabric in which you can carry your little one extra close from newborn up to 11 kg. 

Did you know? 

  • Carrying your child strengthen the relationship between you, especially when your baby is newborn. 
  • Most people says that it takes three times to learn how to use the wrap. With just a little practice you will become a wrapping expert. 



Back to the carriers because the following year Ergobaby’s next carrier, Adapt was introduced. Compared to its successors, Adapt let you carry from newborn without a separate newborn insert! Just as in Original you can front-, back- and hip carry but with more alternations for an optimal fit thanks to clever adjustments so the carrier grows with your little one. 

Did you know? 

  • Adapt is a popular model among parents that look for a flexible carrier to use from day one to a slightly cheaper price and don’t want or need the front forward position. 
  • Adapt has a small, hidden pocket on the waist belt, easy to miss! 
  • If you are petit Adapt is a good choice since it lets you cross the shoulder straps for a tighter fit. 

OMNI 360 

2017 we launched the model that still is our absolute bestseller, OMNI 360. OMNI 360 has taken the best from its precursors. It let you carry in all positions (just as the model 360, hence the name) and can be used from day one,  just as Adapt. 

Did you know? 

  • OMNI 360 is praised by both consumers and experts and just became Best in Test 2020. 
  • OMNI 360 has a small detachable pocket that fits all you need, a snack, a phone or the keys perhaps? 





Last but not least, we have our latest launch in September 2019, Embrace. Embrace is a soft carrier suitable from newborn to 11 kg. It differs from all our previous models since it’s a combination between a carrier and a wrap and is a easy carrier with few buckles and alternations.

  • You change the size of Embrace simply by fold up the waist belt, easy right? 
  • This is probably our coziest carrier, it’s super soft! 






Still confused? We have put together a diagram that gives you a quick overview and let you compare the different models and find the carrier that suits your need the best! GOOD LUCK and don’t hesitate to ask us if there is anything you wonder, either via  Facebook or Instagram. Carrying let you explore together with your little one and should be comfortable for both of you. 


One last tip! Place the carrier high up, on the waist rather than on the hip. This allows the weight to be distributed on the waist/hip where you have more strength rather than the shoulders. It also place your little one in an ergonomic position with a slight curved back and knees higher than the seat muscle. 

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