Basket Cover CRUZ (2015-2019)

Smart basket cover to CRUZ (2015-2019), protects your cargo from heavy weather.

Protect your precious cargo from rain and heavy weather. 
­VISTA ­basket­ cover ­is ­finally­ here. 

Keep´s­ your­ stored­ basket­ items­ covered ­while­ strolling.­The ­dual­ flip ­openings ­allow­ for­ convenient ­access­ to­ your ­basket essentials ­in ­forward ­or­ parent-facing ­mode. 

  • Shields­ and­ protects ­personal­ items
  • Water-resistant
  • Items ­in­ basket­ are­ accessible ­from­ front ­and ­back
  • Fits ­models­ 2015­-­2019


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