Go places, Big and Small

Designed for your daily adventures and exciting excursions, the MINU offers modern conveniences in a portable, lightweight stroller. Go where you want, how you want – there’s nothing extra holding you back.

1. All-Weather Protection 

The included Rain Shield protects your child from whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Our pop out sunshade extends to shield your child from harmful UV rays, allowing baby to stay outside and safely enjoy the sunshine. 

2. Multi-position recline 

The multi-position recline allows your child to lie comfortably for a nap or sit upright to take in the sights. 

3. Roomy and comfortable seat 

Specifically designed to keep up with your ever-growing little one, the MINU’s seat holds up to 15kg. 

4. Large, easy-access basket 

Store everyday essentials, a diaper bag, and any extras you pick up along the way. 

5. All-wheel suspension 

Front and rear spring-action creates a more comfortable experience for both you and baby. 

6. One-handed, one-step fold 

One hand and one smooth motion is all it takes to fold the MINU! You can even hold baby in your other arm while folding the stroller. 

7. Take along or store away 

At just 6.7kg, bring the MINU wherever life takes you thanks to the built-in carry handle and shoulder strap. It also conveniently tucks away in its included storage bag when not in use.


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