Billy gul

Billy is a smart nightlight with a sound sensor with two individual lights, the ring and the bear.

Billy offers 2 individual lights, the ring and the bear. Both can individually be turned ON and OFF, can have their brightness adjusted and have their own auto shut-off function. Furthermore, Billy the bear has a sound sensor and can switch ON temporarily when your child is crying, scaring away the dark.

For example you can turn the lights on nice and bright when going to bed and then lower the brightness at bedtime allowing your child to fall asleep. By setting the auto shut-off function of 1 or both of the lights, the ring and/or the owl will shut off automatically once your child is sleeping. The bear light is very suitable to function as an ambient light during the night.

If you prefer the have the room completely dark during the night, the bear can switch on automatically when your child is crying, in order for your child to see he/she’s in her own bed and does not need to be afraid. When it has been quiet for 5 minutes, the light will switch off again.



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