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We welcome WaterWipes!

January 18, 2021

Suitable for sensitive, newborn and premature baby’s skin. Made with only two ingredients - 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, WaterWipes sensitive baby wipes are purer than cotton wool and water.

WaterWipes were created by founder Edward McCloskey after his newborn daughter suffered with bad nappy rash. After an extensive search he couldn’t find a baby wipe that didn’t contain chemicals or other ingredients that would’ve been too harsh for her sensitive skin, so he decided to make his own. Many years later and after a lot of hard work, testing, and scientific research, WaterWipes were born. Pure, gentle and safe for the most delicate skin but in the convenience of a baby wipe, WaterWipes are the next best thing to cotton wool and water. 



7 step process, purer than boiled water

  • WaterWipes are manufactured under clean room conditions using a unique purifying technology.
  • The water passes through a seven-step purification process that uses a series of filters to remove physical and chemical impurities, soften and purify the water.
  • This purifying process makes the water in WaterWipes significantly purer than cooled boiled water without the need for several additional cleansing ingredients.
  • Additionally, the product is stable for 20 months unopened or four weeks after opening. 


WaterWipes are purer than cotton wool and water 

Following a review of the scientific literature by its team of independent experts, the Skin Health Alliance has validated that WaterWipes baby wipes are purer than cotton wool and water. 


There are many similarities between the use of wipes versus cotton wool and water. The literature supports wipes as being gentler on the skin (Visscher et al., 2009. & Visscher, Brink & Odio, 2015).

Although water and cotton wool are perceived to be 'pure', particulates, impurities and other minerals in both the cotton material and the water, even if boiled, can be found

WaterWipes demonstrated good antimicrobial effectiveness against bacteria and mould. WaterWipes scored highly across a number of healthcare professional and midwife quantitative studies for purity (Behavioural & Attitudes, 2019). 

"Whilst cotton wool and water is a suitable method for cleaning babies during nappy changes, the Skin Health Alliance has concluded that WaterWipes baby wipes are a purer method of cleaning for parents looking for an alternative solution."

James Stalley, Associate Research Director, Skin Health Alliance


Accreditations, sponsorships, endorsements and registrations

WaterWipes have secured numerous additional global accreditations, sponsorships, endorsements and registrations, including:

  • Skin Health Alliance

  • Allergy UK

  • The National Eczema Association of America (NEA)

  • The French Association for the Prevention of Allergies (Association Française pour la Prévention des Allergies – AFPRAL)

  • Eczema Association of Australasia (EAA) sponsorship

  • The Vegan Society


Find out more about WaterWipes here


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2. Visscher, M. O., Adam, R., Brink, S., Odio, M. (2015) Newborn infant skin: Physiology, development, and care.

Clinics in Dermatology, 33(3). 271-80. doi: 10.1016/j.clindermatol.2014.12.003.

38 out of 10 HCPs agree WaterWipes is the purest baby wipe in the world with only 99.9% of purified water and a drop of fruit extract. 96% of midwifes consider WaterWipes to be the purest baby wipe. Source: A survey conducted with 100 Midwifes and Public Health Nurses as part of a study by Behavioural & Attitudes in July/August 2019