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Omni Breeze - next generations baby carrier

May 17, 2021

Ergobaby has, during 2020, created a new carrier, with inspiration from the best selling Omni 360 Cool air mesh, but with even more smart functions! The next generation baby carrier is here!

Omni™ Breeze brings breathability to the next level. Designed with lightweight SoftFlex™ Mesh to create maximum airflow, the Omni™ Breeze keeps you and baby comfortable all day and provides all the carrying options you need as your baby grows, from newborn to toddler.

The carrier is a part of the OMNI-collection* which means that it is a carrier that fits from newborn to toddler in all positions. 

What is the difference between Omni Breeze and Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh? 

The two models differs in serveral aspects, see more in the diagram below. They are both cool carriers but Omni Breeze takes air ventilation to the next level. As we all know it can easly get hot while carrying your little one close to you and that is something Ergobaby have taken notes on. 

Omni Breeze is designed in the new mesh material Soft Flex Mesh, a smooth and soft mesh-fabric. The mesh fabric covers almost the entire carrier, among other thing the waist belt, whith cut outs to increase the air to circulate. 

Below we have listed differences between the models: 

Do you want to know more about how to use Omni Breeze? We have collected instructional videos on our Youtube-channel with tips and tricks for the different positions! 

Click here to come to our Youtube-channel! 

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*The OMNI collection consists of 3 models: 

  • Omni Breeze - our coolest carrier 
  • Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh - award winning 
  • Omni 360 (cotton) - classic, cozy design 

All three models offer all positions, from newborn up to 20 kg.